We're Small Minded

CloudQuarry specializes in e-commerce solutions for small businesses.


We are a small digital agency based in Seattle, the cloudy city. Our geography allows us to work locally with small businesses in the Pacific Northwest. We love working in-person with clients whenever possible.


Quality and precision mean something to us. We do not send your work overseas. The person you talk to is usually the person who will do the work. Less telephone games means the work gets done right the first time.


Look elsewhere if you want a cookie cutter approach. All of our e-commerce solutions are customized to the precise needs of your business. Your system will meet your current business needs and scale to future ones.


How often is your website backed up? What happens if it's attacked? Is your system PCI-compliant? Is your customer's data safe? CloudQuarry can help you lock down your e-commerce system.


We work with responsive design to ensure easy shopping across phones, tablets, computers, tv screens, and embedded brain interfaces. Okay, maybe not the last one. Yet.


When your business is ready to take the next step to growth, you want solutions that scale. Our big business experience ensures that growing pains won't break any bones.

Interested in learning more? We offer free consultations.


About CloudQuarry

Who are we? And why work with us?


CloudQuarry is a boutique digital agency based in Seattle, a city where the annual number of completely and unrelentingly cloudy days exceeds 230 (and that’s not including an additional 75 barely distinguishable “partly-to-mostly” cloudy days).

So, yes, we’ll confess that we do have a decidedly cloudy disposition, that our heads are frequently in the clouds, that there are clouds in our coffee, clouds in our coffee. In a word, we are all about the cloud. That is, in fact, the simple mission of Cloudquarry – to help small businesses creatively and profitably mine the power of the cloud.

“BUT NOBODY UNDERSTANDS THE CLOUD” interjects Jason Segel annoyingly. He’s wrong. We do. And we want to use our expertise to grow your business.


So what specifically can we do to help you? If you want to start or expand your business web offering, but you’re worried about where to begin, how much it will cost, how much time it will take, or whether anyone will even notice, then we have good news.

We’re e-commerce design, functionality, and optimization experts. We artfully design and craft best of breed websites, web stores and blogs. And we’ll teach you how to really connect with visitors to your website, how to earn their trust and ultimately their business.

And most importantly, we can deliver an affordable and easy way to get your business thriving on the web and you don’t need to know anything about technology to get started.

Being Small Minded

We love small businesses. We live the daily life of a small business and this is what we’ve come to know: for those armed with a cloudy disposition and the right web tools, small is simply better. Small resonates. Small delights. Small is where the actions is. Small reveals what is essential and as a consequence small is more truthful, more beautiful. Small is tight and timely, novel and nimble. Small is spontaneous and infinitely more fun. Small is the future.

Now, don’t get us wrong here. We think big, very big. Our collective imagination is enormous. Our work ethic is whopping. Our capacity for painstaking test, measurement, and change iterations is gigantic. In fact, we know large business very well. We’ve logged many years creating and managing within the walls of some very big companies: multi-billion dollar European and Japanese conglomerates, Silicon Valley stalwarts, large dot com e-commerce companies that are actually still around, even long stints with that supposed monopolist from Redmond.  So we know large business, and at times are even willing to work with a large business (if they can convince us that they’re willing to try being a little bit more small-minded). After all, small is, indeed, a state of mind. 

So here’s our advice. When in doubt, choose small. Drop us a line for some free small talk about your business aspirations and join the ranks of the small-minded.

Structured Quarry Language

Carrara, Italy. Stunning white marble, considered by many to be the purest in the world, has been harvested from the open quarries of Carrara since the time of ancient Rome. Both the Pantheon and Trajan’s Column were constructed with stone from its quarry. And centuries later an Italian sculptor named Michelangelo made countless trips to the Carrara quarry, sometimes lingering for up to eight months. And what did all that time idled away in the quarry ultimately yield? Among other treasures, Michelangelo crafted from his quarry stones the Pietá, Moses, and David.

Of course, Michelangelo might well argue that liberated would be a better word than crafted to describe his art. He considered himself a subtractive sculptor, that he was simply removing the excess pieces to reveal the form within. It all sounds so wonderfully, come si dice, small-minded.

Here within our open quarry in the clouds, we deploy lots of diverse tools and technologies in our quest to deliver websites and e-commerce and digital marketing treasures of our own. We’re flexible and comfortable working within multiple development environments. But truthfully, you don’t really need to understand the technical underpinnings of what we do. Here in the quarry, we can do the heavy lifting for you.


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Get in Touch

CloudQuarry offers free project consultations. 

If you’re interested in a consultation, or hiring CloudQuarry to work on your project, please contact us via the contact form to the right or the telephone and e-mail addresses posted below – whichever you are comfortable with.

We will get back to you within 1-2 business days.

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